Drugs & Alcohol
Think everyone takes drugs? Most people don’t, in fact 60% of young people aged 16-24 have never taken an illegal drug.

Drugs can be broadly divided into three categories based on their main effects. They may act solely as stimulants, as depressants or as hallucinogens (aka psychedelics).

Stimulants make you feel alert and, like you, have lots of energy and confidence. However, they can put pressure on your heart and there is a risk of heart failure. They include cocaine, speed, ecstasy (mdma), and mephedrone. Mixing cocaine and alcohol creates a toxin in your body which can prove fatal.

Depressants make you feel relaxed and chilled-out but they can slow down your heart rate and breathing which can be fatal. They include alcohol, tranquilizers, heroin and cannabis.

Hallucinogens can make you view reality in a distorted way – your sense of movement and time can speed up or slow down and you might see vivid distortions, illusions or hallucinations (seeing things that aren’t there). They include LSD and magic mushrooms.

Additionally, there are now new psychoactive substances, more commonly known as ‘legal highs’. Their effects are mean to mimic illegal substances. Most of them have not been tested, so you can never be exactly sure what you are taking or what the risks are.

For more information about drugs and their effects see: www.talktofrank.com/home_html.aspx

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