March 2016


The 1st of October 2016 marks the beginning of the national 28-day Stoptober Challenge! Thousands of people across the country will be signing up, with the intention of giving up smoking for good!
If you’re thinking of getting involved this year you can choose from a range of different support tools to help you reach your goal:

Stoptober Pack
Over 300,000 people have used it so far. It’s free on request.
Its proven to increase your chances of quitting.
It features a 28-day calendar with messages to keep you motivated and tips to distract you from cravings.
Stoptober App
Info and Advice direct to your smartphone screen.
Personalised messages to keep you motivated.
Distraction function, to help beat cravings when they strike!
Text Support
Support available anytime, anywhere.
Proven to double your chance of quitting.
71% of smokers who have used it say it helped keep them going.
Email Support
Info and advice straight to your inbox.
Useful tips for quitting delivered everyday.
It’s our newest tool with over 70,000 people benefiting already.

You can sign up online @
for more information on the benefits of giving up smoking and contact details for the SORTED team, follow the link below: