Not everyone chooses to drink alcohol…

Reasons for not drinking alcohol can include personal choice not to, medical reasons (conditions such as diabetes), being pregnant, not liking the taste or how it makes you feel.

In fact over half of young people surveyed in Portsmouth stated they had never been drunk.


Safer drinking tips – If you do choose to drink…

  • Drink plenty of water to keep hydrated
  • Always have your mobile with you
  • Drink slowly and pace yourself to avoid alcohol poisoning
  • Eating isn’t cheating. Eat before you drink
  • Make sure you’re in a safe environment. If you don’t feel safe – leave
  • Always stay with your mates and look out for each other
  • Know how you’re getting home, don’t walk alone or get into unlicensed cabs
  • If someone passes out put them in the recovery position and dial 999. Stay with them until help arrives
  • Never get into a car if the driver has been drinking
  • Keep an eye on your drink, don’t take a drink from a stranger and remember drinks can be spiked with alcohol or drugs

Drinking alcohol can have risks, which include:

  • upsetting your friends or family
  • getting into a dodgy sexual situation
  • risking a trip to Accident & Emergency with alcohol poisoning
  • doing something you really regret
  • getting into an argument, fight or getting a criminal record
  • getting addicted
  • having an accident, injuring yourself or even killing yourself

Local support

The Sorted service can help. Telephone us on 023 9284 1560 or email