Party tips

Have an adult present at all times so that all the guests that are arriving are the ones that were invited, and monitor that the atmosphere in the party stays ‘safe’.

Have a £10.00 note set aside for getting home. Phone for a taxi.
(don’t just flag one down, the taxi company will send you a text back with the make of car and registration)

Make sure your phone is fully charged and have your ‘In Case Of Emergency’ people programmed in your phone under ‘ICE’  
(make sure you have told each friend or family member that they are in your ‘In Case of Emergency’ people!)

Have some in-date and ‘kitemarked’ condoms in your bag/pocket.

Eat a sensible carb-loaded meal before you go out to line the stomach.

Alternate soft drinks with alcoholic ones.

Tell a trusted adult where you are going, give them a contact number, and a time to expect you back.

If things don’t go quite to plan know where you can go to for support – for example, emergency contraception